A Literary Magazine of the United Nations SRC Society of Writers

Dear Friends

We welcome you and the return of Reflections magazine in a new on-line format. We look forward to reconnecting with friends and colleagues of the United Nations community and the opportunity to share your unique voices and vision with a larger audience.
Through the pandemic we have learned that we cannot live in isolation and though for many, a time of tragedy, it has strengthened us individually, as communities and together as a oneness-world-family. It has revealed our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths, and though our physical space may have diminished, we have expanded our heart-space in countless ways and acts of self-giving.
We have been surprised by our resiliency and creativity and have held onto and moved forward with hope, the theme of our upcoming seminal issue.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Wishing you good health, with gratitude,

Bhikshuni Weisbrot, President



Bhikshuni Weisbrot Editor-in-Chief

Nilpushpi White Assistant Editor

Manjusha Shandler  Content Manager

Pratibha Agdern Cover Painting


Reflections is a literary magazine of the UNSRC Society of Writers that publishes fiction, nonfiction, prose, poetry, photography and original artwork of the United Nations community* and invited guests.

Submissions are now being accepted for consideration for our debut on-line issue!

Reflections Magazine

The theme of this issue is Hope.

Please submit up to four poems or reasonable length prose pieces. Artwork may be submitted independently or along with a written submission.

We can accept Word files or any plain text file. The author’s name and email address should appear in the header of the attachment. Please submit your work along with a brief bio and personal photo here ↓

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Submissions accepted through October 31st, 2021
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Copyright:  Reflections routinely reassigns all rights to contributors. If your work is published, you are free to resubmit it to any other publication anywhere in the world.


Reflections is not an official United Nations publication and responsibility for its contents rests with the Editors. Final choice is made on the basis of literary merit and appropriateness to the theme and a publication of this kind.
*Membership in the UNSRC Society of Writers is open to UN staff members, members of NGOs and the diplomatic community and their families. Submissions by children are warmly welcome.